"For years we had our medical billing through a company in Illinois. With dissatisfaction of their service, we tried another company outsourcing to India. The first was bad and the latter was a disaster. When RK took over our account they resolved all problems timely and accurately. They recovered all receivable available and managed mishandled charges. RK has been very motivated and energetic to resolve all our problems. We regret that we did not have RK service to begin with."

Rama Venu, M.D.
Internal Medicine-Gastroenterology

"I have worked with Dr. Kim and his staff since 1990. Even though the company name has changed, as have the employees, over the years my group has come to know excellent service from RK Ltd. The manager and account executives are very knowledgeable when it comes to changes in billing rules, especially Medicare and Medicaid. They are also very good with the patients and able to handle billing problems in a very diplomatic fashion to quickly come to a resolution.

Dr. Kim not only handled the management of the billing office, but he also handles our contract negotiations with insurance companies. This service has saved us a lot of time and money. Over they Years we have come to trust Dr. Kim and his employees."

Glen A. Bordak, M.D.

"My experiences began with Dr. Kim in 1987 as the president of our radiology group and as administrator of a medical billing agency known as KSU, Inc.

Dr. Robert Kim (Bob) was essentially the sole manager of the affairs and day-to-day operation of KSU though an equal partner with five other individuals. To manage KSU smoothly required, in addition to his hours practicing medicine, many hours of his time for which he received no compensation other than the pride he felt for managing a difficult job well.

During this extended period of time while working both as a radiologist and manager of "his" billing office, Bob was also able to find the energy to attain a masters Degree, with boundless energy and the ability to achieve his goals.

Bob, over the years, expanded KSU to include billing for many other medical practices in and around our city. During this long period of time, I never heard an untoward comment concerning his ability, fairness, or integrity as he managed "our" business. He always made the effort and took the time to make sure that his employees went to courses to stay in the forefront of the continuously changing codes and reimbursement strategies."

In summary, Dr. Robert Kim, a longtime personal friend, and tireless physician and businessman of the highest integrity, now devoting nearly all of his energies to his billing service, can and will deliver a product of the greatest quality and value in today's market.

Thomas A. Schuster, M.D.
Diagnostic Radiology